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    January 1, 2011

    First of all, Happy New Year!

    Life has been busy, I apologize for the boringness of this blog, and I won't make any promises to fix it. Just posting while I have a little bit of time.

    I didn't really take any pictures of the recipes I made over the holiday (go Kara!), so when in doubt, post about cute children.

    Here is a montage of my cousin Julie's son, Brendan, over Thanksgiving and Christmas time. He's so funny, I can't wait to see him continue to learn and grow!


    Hiiiiiigh Fiiiivve!


    It's okay Brendan, we're not judging you for the high five.


    Brendan got a new "cell phone" for Christmas. He was jabbering all night!


    Scott had to use the phone...


    "C'mon Moooommmm I need the phone!"


    And to end this post, I'd advise you to follow Brendan's suggestion and get bundled up, because the beginning of 2011 is going to be cold!

    October 11, 2010

    My mom.

    Seriously, is the best.

    So last week, I had pneumonia. (Most of you know this because I complained vigorously all week - sorry!)

    But, listen to how awesome my mom is.

    She felt bad for me because my man-friend was away for a bachelor party for the whole weekend (he didn't know I had pneumonia before he left). So, she decided to come and stay with me, and keep me company.

    I should have expected the bags and bags of groceries she bought, the chicken soup she made for me, and all the other goodies, based on how generous she is on a regular basis (my dad too!), but I didn't expect it and I was blown away.

    She cleaned my apartment for me while I sat in fever delerium. (I mean seriously?!) Aaaaand brought me these.


    And they didn't all fit in the vase, so she put a couple by my bedside.


    Just so adorable. I admired them the whole time I was an invalid, and am still admiring them now.

    It was just too nice. Too, too nice.

    I hope I can be just as awesome someday.


    September 29, 2010


    I've been really nostalgic about everything lately. Just everything. High school, college, my old dance studio, college dance, just things. Things that I used to do. Life changes, I guess.

    This photo makes me dizzy, but that's what nostalgia feels like. So many memories, come back at once. Bittersweet.

    I can only imagine how dizzy I'll feel in another 26 years!

    September 22, 2010

    I haven't posted for a week. oops.

    So what's going on in my wild n' crazy life? Nothing. Well, for tonight that is. And, it's awesome!!

    My boyfriend, he plays guitar. Pretty neat huh?

    He plays guitar a lot, with lots of different people. He has also been known to engineer, mechanically. (His line, not mine)

    Tonight, he is playing guitar with some pretty cool people. But, I still miss him.

    Also, because when grad school happens, I dissappear into some super-sonic black hole chasm. What's really neat is that the chasm dissappears when I hand my finals in and it always goes away around the 2nd week of December! Weirddddd, someone should call National Geographic.

    Okay, okay this is not the point.

    My whole point is that I love this picture.


    And when me and my honey are running different races, I look at this picture and it makes me smile. The End.

    September 15, 2010


    Have you ever had one of those days that everytime you close your eyes they burn because you want to sleep so badly?

    And you have a lot to do but all you can think about is your carbon footprint, painting your toenails, wondering if people notice that you stopped wearing makeup, making salted caramel brownies, how bad you want a dog but probably won't have one for another 3 years?

    Or something like that....

    Things that make me feel better include but are not limited to: sad music(i.e. Ray Lamontagne), rigatoni, Jeff Lewis, and sleeping.

    But tomorrow's a new day. So I'm going to listen to this, eat my rigatoni, watch Jeff Lewis flip out and go nani. (Nani is my family's term for nap/sleep/whatever and no I don't know what language it is).

    I wish I could call Zoila right now. We could watch telenovelas together and all would be right with the world.

    September 13, 2010

    Sometimes I get to babysit for my brother's dog Dixie. Sometimes I make her do things like this:


    What? She was playing home run derby and got tuckered out. She is completely in control of whether she wants to play Wii or not.

    I'm just trying to be the best aunt I possibly can. Don't judge.

    September 12, 2010

    Fall always happens so quickly. Just a couple weeks ago, this is what we were doing...


    But I love it!

    I can't wait for more sweaters, leaves turning, apples, pumpkins, and definitely warm, fuzzy socks.


    But I will miss watching this.

    September 8, 2010

    You know what's awesome?


    You know what I did today?

    I went to school.

    Talking about going back to school always makes me think of Billy Madison.

    You guys know the song, I won't sing it.

    So, uh, what am I talking about?

    Well, I went to school tonight after work, and then after that I was going to go to the gym. And then I thought, "Nahh, I should run instead. You really need to get it together for that 5k in 10 days". And instead I sat at my dining room table, ate delicious leftovers (Thanks Mom!) and made myself some oatmeal dessert. With. Brown. Sugar.

    I love it, love it, love it. It's really just fantastic. And that's all I had to say. Laterzzzz

    September 8, 2010

    Welcome to the first post of my website ever! It's taken me a long time to figure the interwebs out, but finally I have one thing somewhat presentable for the dub-ya dub-ya dub-ya.

    In honor of Bakerella's Cake Pop book that came out recently, I'm posting a picture of the last batch of cake pops I made. Just cute summer ones, nothing fancy, certainly not up to Bakerella's caliber.


    Happy deliciousness. Rock on!