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    The Bitchin' Bakers' Excellent Adventure


    September 29, 2010

    Colorado Part II (kinda)

    On our trip, I took 1297 photos total. I'd say 65% of those photos were taken on our drive from Golden, CO to Salt Lake City, UT. What a great, great, great, GREAT part of the country.

    DISCLAIMER: All the following photos were taken from the passenger seat of a white Nissan Versa.

    We drove over the Rockies on Rt.70. No mountains like I've ever seen before!


    This section was my friend Courtney's favorite, but I don't remember the name of it = bad friend. Me, not her. The picture is a little blurry, but you get the idea. Really dope.


    More of the Rockies. Just so cool to me. I felt like a city girl haha.


    At some point around here, we stopped at a Starbucks. With wide-eyes I had to ask my barista, do you ever get sick of this? She said no, that they enjoy it all year 'round. I could tell they probably giggled at me after I left, but at least they were super nice. Beautiful landscape, nice people and good coffee. I really don't ask for more than that out of life.

    Oh, and desserts.

    Oh and reality tv on Bravo.

    They have that in Colorado, right?!?


    I'm assuming I can just move into one of these houses and watch Bravo there. I don't think that would be too bad.

    September 22, 2010

    I was planning on being methodical for describing our trip out to the wild, wild west, but, hey that just ain't me. I actually think from this point on, it'll be just small snippets of the highlights. I like small snippets.

    Doesn't this photo look like it was taken in the 1970's? That's cause it totally was....n't.


    It was taken in June 2010 (Shocking I know!) in the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The Golden Gate park was...uh..well, let's just say this flower garden was the highlight. And by highlight, the only safe area we were in throughout the whole park. BUT, I did take lots of nice flower photos, like this one...


    I hung a framed photo of that one in my bathroom. I love love love orange roses. Orange just speaks to me. I can't wear it though, bummer.

    And this picture too...


    So calming and lovely.

    September 14, 2010

    Colorado Part 1

    After we left Nebraska, we drove for pretty much for a full day and met up with my friend from high school, Courtney. We were pretty tight back in the day, and she's been living in CO for a couple years now and I was really excited to see her.

    She showed us around Golden and Denver, where we ate dinner. She drove us up to the top of what she called a "hill", and which I referred to as a "mountain". As I sucked wind just walking 0.2 miles from the car, she told us a story about how she hikes/runs/bikes up this "hill" all the time. Jealous.


    Looks fake, right? WRONG. It's the real deal!

    Can you imagine being able to hike up that all the time? Okay, well if you're reading this and you live in Colorado or Montana, or someplace that's not at sea-level, you would say yes. But, I however, am Massachusetts 4life, so I have no idea.

    We unfortunately didn't get to stay very long, and we picked up really early the next morning to hit the road. Luckily, Courtney gave us a tip on taking a scenic route and we really hit the jackpot.


    Before 6am, people.


    Excuse his hiney, but he's drinking water off the rocks. I like that.

    I was really freaking out, there were the coolest animals I had ever seen up close like this. No, the zoo doesn't count.


    Love the horns, but I am not messing with these guys.

    Let me finish by saying that I loved Colorado. If I had more family, friends, Dunkin' Donuts out there, I'd move there in a heartbeat. But, I love my family and friends too much, so I'm staying put. I will gush more about Colorado on another day soon. For now, I'm about to go off and dream about getting a pet long-horned sheep for Christmas.

    September 8, 2010

    In June, me and my man friend took a pretty radical half-cross-country trip. We flew into Nebraska to visit various family members of his (both his maternal aunt and paternal uncle live there - along with many cousins) and then from the great state of NE, drove out to San Francisco and stayed for a couple days, and then flew ourselves back to Boston.

    Along the way, we stopped in Golden, CO to visit my super friend Courtney, made a pit stop in Salt Lake City to visit Brigham Young and to meet a lovely beef salesman, drove like hell through everywhere else and ate lots of Subway sandwiches.

    I'll do my best to share stories about the trip in detail, but for now, just showing some highlights from Nebraska.

    It was really, really, really awesome.

    I say awesome a lot and I apologize for it in advance.

    This is Scott's Aunt, Sherrill. That little nugget she's holding is her grandson, CJ, who is Scott's little cousin. I lovvveeddd him!


    And in her backyard, she lets a couple horses graze on her lawn (smart lady!).


    I can't possibly explain about all the wonderful family we met in our few days there. It was such a whirlwind, but really great for me to meet and visit with everyone. But while we were with Scott's uncle Steve and step-aunt Dorothy, we got attacked by a massive swarm of butterflies! I'm not even kidding you...


    The pictures just don't do it justice...but there were hundreds, I swear!


    That was Scott's cousin Pat, and his wife, Christine following behind us. They were scurrrred too!


    A big highlight of Nebraska was driving around all the farmland and just being in the country. It sounds really simple, right? But that was what I wanted, to experience a different way of life. I tell you, being in the city might be more exciting, but there are A LOT of things we miss. The silence out there is beautiful, being able to see storms coming in from hundreds of miles away... I could look at that sky all day.

    I recommend a trip like that to everyone, see the other side of life. Those people in whatever city/town/pueblo that you "just don't understand"? Well go to them, figure them out, you will probably find out that you like it, or at the very least understand them.

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